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Democracy, Citizenship and Human Rights

In Partnership with "The Foundation for Human & Humanitarian Rights - Lebanon"

The program is an educational activity intended for participants who would combine practical experience in human rights issues with further academic study. It promotes the development of young generation of experts, activists and advocates working for non-governmental organizations, universities, think tanks as well as other inter-governmental bodies.
With its interactive and interdisciplinary components, this program is designed to be a qualitative addition to the process of democratic state building.

Course Information:
Total Hours: 80
Total Courses: 10
Course Length: 8 hrs
Class Distribution: 4 days x 2 hrs
Case Study: Included
Course Offering:
Category A - Human Rights (4 of 5)
   Introduction to Human Rights
   The Application of Human Rights
   International Conventions
   Regional & Intl Frameworks
   Arab Charter for HR or Similar

Category B - Democracy (4 of 5)  
   Introduction to Democracy
   Application of Rights under Democratic Regimes
   Good Governance & Citizenship
   Peace Building/Conflict Resolution
   Democracy & Elections
Category C - Elective (2 of 3)
   Research Methods
   Human Security

Program Fees: To be announced













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